Roland Boutique Ju-06A Synthesizer

The newest addition to Roland’s Boutique family is the JU-06A Synthesizer, a compact instrument that combines vintage sounds and functionalities from Roland’s 1980s-era Juno 6, 60 and 106 keyboards. You’ll have actual front panel controls on the JU-06A for the high-pass filter from the Juno 106 and the envelope-controllable pulse-width-modulation from the Juno 60. You also get the swirling chorus, an improved sequencer and interface, trigger in, plus the Juno’s arpeggiator and more.

Roland’s build quality and the aesthetics of its predecessors are retained with the JU-06A with tough metal panels and control shafts—yet the whole instrument easily fits into your backpack. You get both USB audio/MIDI and full-sized MIDI jacks, giving performers the ability to play and synchronize with nearly any other piece of gear in their set-up. The 1/8-inch jack and USB connection lends a clean setup with no clutter while the JU-06A’s compact size fits into multiple music setups and can easily connect to a master keyboard, DAW, K-25m Keyboard Unit, and the DK-01 Boutique Dock.

The JU-06A sells for $399.99 MSRP.