Review: Fallen Riviera - Another World

FallenRivieraAnother World

Fallen Riviera
Another World
Producers: Wyn Davis & Ken Scott
Score: 9 out of 10

If you’ve grown tired of cookie cutter pop/rock bands where auto-tune and image take the forefront, here is your antidote. Modern rock gems such as the reflective “Those Times are Gone” or the plaintive “Somebody Take Me” are a feast for the mind and ears. Keyboardist Will Parry and guitarist Steve Ornest bring a Beatle-esque sensibility to the songwriting in terms of intelligent wordplay and honest emotions. And their vocal harmonies are rich and well defined. Drummer Aviv Cohen and bassist Matthew Denis provide an extensive range of rhythms that propel the tunes above standard radio fare. This is a disc that works on a “singles” level but is best enjoyed when appreciated in its entirety as an “album.”

By Eric A. Harabadian