Lake House Installs PFM Master Reference Monitors

Engineer/producer and legacy PhantomFocus Monitor System owner Jimmy Hill has installed his second pair of PFM HD-1000 Master Reference Monitors at The Lake House, his new DIY Carl Tatz Design inspired MixRoom outside of Spokane, Washington.

Hill's very successful large full- service recording studio, Amplified Wax is currently celebrating its seventh anniversary as the go-to studio in downtown Spokane. The studio has featured the PFM HD-1000s for several years. According to Hill, there was never any question that he would also want them at The Lake House once completed. Reffering to the new ICE Cube-12 subwoofers in his new PFM HD-1000 Monitor System Hill comments, " The low -end is the new high-end."

Pictured: The Lake House PhantomFocus™ PFM HD-1000 Master Reference Monitor System including the ICE Cube-12 subwoofers and Porcelain eChair™