Brandon Davis Signs to Big Yellow Dog Music

Brandon Davis has exploded on TikTok with 1.5 million followers and 10.8 million likes as a result of the songwriting videos that he began creating after a near-death experience that inspired him to pursue his passions and live life to the fullest. Now, he’s the latest artist to be signed to Nashville-based label, artist development and publishing company Big Yellow Dog Music. Davis has released his first song via Big Yellow Dog Music — “The Kitchen.”

Listen to “The Kitchen,” here: fanlink.to/TheKitchen

Written entirely by Davis, “The Kitchen” is a product of his wife’s encouragement. After a near-death experience from a head-on car collision in 2019, Davis, a father of four, realized the brevity of life. His wife Destiny encouraged him week after week to pursue his love for songwriting and music, and once he did, she shared his recordings on TikTok. Now, the couple has gone viral creating songwriting videos on the social media platform. Watch here: tiktok.com/@brandondavis_music

“The Kitchen” showcases Davis’ knack for storytelling, metaphor-driven songwriting skills and hearty twang that is reminiscent of current country favorites like Luke Combs. The song reflects on some of life’s most precious moments and memories that were made in the kitchen and is a full circle moment for Davis, who began his songwriting career in his own kitchen. After quitting his job as a Sprinkler System Designer just a few days ago, Davis is ready to pursue his music dreams to the fullest.

"When Jacee Badeaux (Creative Director) brought Brandon to our attention, we knew we had to sign him," says Big Yellow Dog Music co-owner and CEO Carla Wallace. "First, we loved his songs and his performance, but we all fell for his charm and his passion once we met the Chattanooga boy and his family, which consists of four kids, wow!"

Davis has a run of shows through the end of 2021 in his local city of Chattanooga, and he’ll join artists like Caylee Hammack and Dylan Scott at Trucks & Tunes - Colorado in 2022. For a full list of show dates, visit brandondavismusic.com/tour.