Sessionwire Remote Collaborations Keep Projects On Track In Pandemic

As the pandemic continues to change the way professional musicians, engineers, and producers collaborate, record, and mix, many have embraced remote recording and collaboration using Sessionwire as a way to keep projects on track. And it appears that, for most, remote recording and collaboration is a workflow that will remain in place even after the pandemic ends.

“I’ve been using Sessionwire to stay connected to my studio while traveling, even mixing remotely on the analog console and outboard gear in my mix room,” says Nashville-based producer, engineer, and musician David Kalmusky. “I’ve also been doing remote guitar overdub sessions for artists and producers who haven’t been able to travel to Nashville. I love being able to stay connected to my mix room workflow remotely using Sessionwire!”

Studio drumming legend John “JR” Robinson (Quincy Jones, David Foster, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan) and engineer Steve Sykes have outfitted JR’s home recording drum studio with a full-featured Sessionwire setup. “JR and I have been songwriting together using Sessionwire as our main communication tool,” says Sykes.

Additionally, Sykes has been using Sessionwire to mix his recording projects. “I just finished mixing a new David Garfield album called ‘Stretchin’ Outside The Box,’ where David and I made all of our final mix judgment calls with him listening in his studio through Sessionwire,” says Sykes. “I hope to be mixing this way for everybody from now on!”

Producer/singer/songwriter Peter Michael Escovedo has used Sessionwire to keep his solo projects on track during the pandemic, when travel limitations and social distancing have made in-studio collaboration challenging and too expensive. “I'm in Los Angeles, and my guitar player is in New York,” says Escovedo. “Not anymore! With Sessionwire, we now record in the same room ... or at least it feels that way!”

Sessionwire’s all-in-one integrated audio, video, and file-sharing capabilities have simplified the remote collaboration process for many artists, eliminating the workflow hassles of connecting multiple services like Zoom and Dropbox.

“I used to email files to my musicians to record and then have them email the files back,” says Escovedo. “I never knew what was coming back. It was always hit or miss. Now that I use Sessionwire file sharing, I know exactly what I'm getting... Perfection! It reminds me of the way we used to record back in the day.”

Sessionwire’s ability to emulate in-studio communication has also streamlined the recording process for these professionals. “A great feature of Sessionwire is that it auto mutes our talkback mics when the DAW plays, therefore eliminating any feedback or delay problems,” says Sykes. “This has really changed the way I deliver mixes because of being able to get instant feedback as if the artist and/or producer is in the room with me.”

Sessionwire is available in both free and paid plan versions. For more information, visit Sessionwire online at sessionwire.com.