New Toys: Eventide H3000 Factory Mk II and Band Delays Mk II Software

You would be hard-pressed to find many companies with a more accomplished history of making superior audio products than Eventide. Founded in 1971, Eventide is a true pioneer in the audio field and the inventor of the Harmonizer, which was first released commercially as the model 910 in 1975. The H910 was the world’s first commercially available digital audio effects device; it combined pitch change with delay and feedback. The Harmonizer is a staple of most producers, engineers and artists to this day. Eventide has never stopped making increasingly powerful versions. Although it was released in 1987, the H3000 is still hailed as an indispensable tool for modern mixing. New this month, Eventide releases updates to two plug-in versions of H3000 algorithms for you DAW.

Billed as "The Holy Grail of Multi-FX," the H3000 Factory II plug-in is meticulously modeled after the original hardware. Distinct pitch-shifting, delay, filtering, and modulation are the core of the sounds available. I find there is a depth, size, clarity and openness to the H3000 plug-in that surpasses other products that attempt to do the same effects. With over 500 carefully crafted presets tailored for both music production and sound design, the H3000 Factory Mk II offers an endless suite of effects to infuse your next record with unparalleled creativity.

Ported from the legendary H3000 Harmonizer® studio processor, the H3000 Band Delays Mk II plug-in is a creative powerhouse for delays, filtering, stereo-widening, and dynamic rhythmic effects. With eight delay bands each featuring unique controls for level, panning, filter type, frequency, and Q, the H3000 Band Delays Mk II brings the flexibility and iconic sound of the original hardware algorithm to your DAW with a click of a button.

What's new in the latest string of updates in the H3000 plug-ins include: a resizable user interface, blending the classic look of the original H3000 Harmonizer® hardware; improved usability, with an expandable expert view and a smooth patching workflow; brand new modelling of the analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converter sections from the original H3000, capturing the original sound of the hardware unit; a brand-new preset library, with recreations of presets from the original H3000; and filter recreations, modeling the resonance and self-oscillation behavior of the hardware.

The H3000 Factory Mk II sells for $199 ($99 crossgrade); H3000 Band Delays Mk II is $149 ($69 crossgrade); and together bundled, costs $248.