Live Reviews: TK and the Holy Know-Nothings

The Hotel Café  Hollywood, CA


Contact: [email protected]

Players: Taylor Kingman, guitar, vocals; Tyler Thompson, drums; Lewi Longmire, bass, pedal steel;  Jay Cobb Anderson, guitar, harmonica; Sydney Nash, keys, bass

Material: Hailing from Portland, OR, TK and the Holy Know-Nothings is a country/pop group tearing up the U.S. of A’s bar scenes. The songs are heavily laden with deep, soulful, heavy grooves, superb leads and perfectly placed, melodic lyrics that are an outstanding catalyst for the stories that are being told. Hard rock, punk, pop, R&B and sprinkled with a bit of ‘60s psychedelia, the songs are all encompassed within the early country/pop genre reminiscent of Clint Black, Dwight Yoakam and Alan Jackson and are so pleasing to the ear, you just want to get up and dance. Songs like “Window of your Mind” take you to places few have been able to take you before.

Musicianship: Each band member is an extremely gifted and talented multi-instrumentalist. The rhythm section, comprised of Longmire and Thompson, is so solid, an earthquake couldn’t shake them. They blanketed the Café with a shroud of solid rhythm that was perfect for the others to write the stories of their lives on. Anderson is a passionate musician who leaves it all on the stage every night, as he shreds his way through every song with a zealous thirst. Nash was the icing on the cake as he subtly, yet confidently, played his keys and made each song sweeter than the next.

Performance: All the Know-Nothings have exceptional stage presence and are fun to watch. Together they seem to own the stage and they want to share it with you. Great audience acknowledgement and storytelling in between songs kept things very interesting as TK and Anderson told of their escapades on the road. The whole band exudes confidence and self-assurance and that makes for a great show.

Summary: The songwriting is great. The musicianship is outstanding. Their performance was superb. Songs like “Lost My Beer” and “Wake Up” will have you singing along to the great melodies and “The Horn Song” will wow you with their creativity.