Ralphie Choo Debuts Via Warner

Rising Madrileño Ralphie Choo announces his debut album SUPERNOVA, to be released September 15th via RUSIA IDK under exclusive license to Warner Records. Alongside the news of his signing and his forthcoming debut, Ralphie offers the next taste of what to expect from SUPERNOVA, with new single "MÁQUINA CULONA" featuring Mura Masa. Following his single "GATA" released last month, Ralphie joins forces with the acclaimed UK producer Mura Masa on the new single to create a colorful summer electronic anthem grounded in a chopped regional Cumbia beat with smattering touches of Palmas, a clapping style that's a staple in traditional flamenco.

In 2022, Ralphie's track "BULERÍAS DE UN CABALLO MALO" was awarded Best New Track by Pitchfork, noting: "With each turn, Choo opens up the jagged depths below the music’s glimmering surface." On SUPERNOVA, Ralphie continues to surprise. Ralphie and the Madrid-based RUSIA IDK creative collective that he's a key part of, thrive on crossing wires between modernity and tradition to create music meant to challenge the conventions, and generations, that separate the sounds they love. SUPERNOVA streaks across flamenco, contemporary pop, latin trap, and the amalgamation of everything in-between.

Check out "MÁQUINA CULONA" featuring Mura Masa above, see more album details below and stay tuned for more from Ralphie Choo coming soon.