PledgeMusic and The Agency Group Announce Strategic Partnership

1096The Agency Group, an independent talent booking agency, and PledgeMusic, a direct-to-fan company, have announced a strategic partnership. Under the mutually beneficial agreement, The Agency Group will refer select artists from their celebrated roster, which includes some of the biggest names in music, to PledgeMusic's direct-to-fan platform to create both album and touring campaigns, deepening fan engagement during both the album and now the touring cycle.

The PledgeMusic marketing platform, which gives fans the opportunity to be a part of the record-making experience, will be accessible to The Agency Group's artists to use for touring, extending the connection artists have with fans beyond just the recording journey.  In addition, PledgeMusic's in-house team will provide dedicated support to artists during the campaign process.

For more information please visit www.pledgemusic.com/tag and interested artists, managers and labels can contact: [email protected]

"The partnership between PledgeMusic and The Agency Group is a perfect fit, and a part of what we see as a growing ecosystem for artists," commented Benji Rogers, Founder and President of PledgeMusic.  "We both truly value the power of fan connection and The Agency Group shares our commitment to creating sustainable careers for the talent that we work with."

As part of a new artist discovery tool, PledgeMusic will be able to share campaign intelligence (with artist's consent) and refer select artists using the platform to The Agency Group for representation.  The groundbreaking agreement between the two companies represents the first time a talent agency has partnered with a direct-to-fan platform to provide maximum support to artists, helping them reach their goals.

1140"This relationship with PledgeMusic is a natural next step in our continuing efforts to be right where our artists' fans are," stated Eddie Clemens, Director of Marketing at The Agency Group.  "At The Agency Group we are always looking ahead, and partnering with PledgeMusic furthers us always being at the forefront of breaking new talent."