Roger Waters Sets the Record Straight


Now that his three-year world tour for The Wall has finally come to an end, Roger Waters wants to set the record straight. Waters has been criticized by Jewish groups for his use of the Star of David symbol in the show. The Pink Floyd co-founder says his intention was never to offend the Jewish people. “It’s a huge concern to me,” Waters says. The controversy began with the use of the Star of David, which appears on Israel’s flag, in the show as one of the animated symbols dropped from a fighter jet during the song “Goodbye Blue Sky.” Other symbols included a crucifix, crescent moon and the U.S. dollar sign. Waters communicated with Anti-Defamation League national director Abraham Foxman and the rocker agreed to move the Star of David farther away from the dollar sign. In its three-year span, The Wall is one of the highest grossing tours of all time by a solo artist.