Pitch Music for Major Motion Picture Trailers

Brian Murphy NARIPOn Wednesday, April 1, Ant Farm's Brian Murphy (Hunger Games, Call of Duty) is the special guest at NARIP's Trailer Music Supervisor Session--Intimate Meeting and Pitch Session--in Los Angeles.

Limited enrollment of 16 people per session guarantees face-time, registrants get brief of supervisor’s current music needs, a chance to pitch plus immediate feedback. In NARIP’s intimate session, you get to meet and pitch them for current opportunities.

Trailers have increased in recent years as an important and lucrative vehicle for music licensing. Synch fees for music in trailers tend to be larger because the rights requested tend to be more broad (worldwide, in perpetuity, used in every possible media). Also, trailers are typically part of a film's marketing budget rather than its music budget, with film marketing budgets almost always many times larger than music budgets. One senior music executive at Fox Studios says that the music budget for a film is rarely larger than 3% of its overall budget, if that.

For more information, visit narip.com.