Close Up: George L's


By Jonathan Widran

Home of the Original High-End Cables: Founded in the early ‘70s, Nashville-based George L’s––home of the original high-end cable––represents a proud aspect of Americana: its products are made in the USA and it’s a family owned and operated business. Currently owned by Kimberly and Leesa Lewis, daughters of founders George L. and Ramona Lewis, the company now has a third generation hard at work carrying on the legacy with Kimberly’s sons Kahler (production & coil winding) and Karrington Williams (trade show sales). Judged #1 in Best Sound Clarity by Guitar Player magazine, their cables have had top honors and awards by music publications for 17 years straight.

 Sounds Like Someone Took A Blanket Off My Amp!: Highly recognized for their clean, clear sound, George L’s cables in .155 or .225 diameter are unique from most others because they are solderless. The low capacitance Co-ax cables rate at 19pf per foot, with special anti-stat that enhances the sound on guitar, bass or effects. There is no line loss with the George L’s cable; it can be run for a hundred feet at a large venue but sounds like a ten foot cable. The #1 selling prepacked cable is the Effects Kit, which allows the user to make 5 custom patch cables. Prepackaged instrument cables are ready made in lengths of 10 ft., 15 ft. and 20 ft.,while the premade patch come in 6”, 12” and 20” sizes. The company touts its #1 phone in quote from musicians as “It sounds like someone took a blanket off my amp!”

The Rise of the Pedalboards: One of George L’s current applications is on pedalboards; their cables help eliminate static, hum and the crackling noise. Users running cables from guitar to pedalboard and from pedalboard to amp can customize to exact lengths to reduce line loss and annoying interference.

 For more info, please contact George L’s, 615-868-6976, http://georgels.com