NAMM Industry Showcase

Perform at the NAMM Industry Showcase

The NAMM Show is the biggest music business tradeshow in the world held every January in Southern California. IndiePower runs one of the most popular seminars there 11 years straight and the After NAMM Jamm Industry Showcase Friday, Jan. 17. IndiePower is the 40-year music/entertainment promotion and marketing company who has a long history of breaking and promoting artists including Dr. Dre, Metallica, Eminem, Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lil Wayne, AC/DC, 2Pac, Black Eyes Peas and more.

A popular NAMM session, which fills the giant California Ballroom every year, is called ‘Makin' Money, Makin' Music!’ and was created by longtime industry innovator Jay Warsinske (IndiePower founder-CEO, 45+ years in industry) and his handpicked roster of top label execs—touring agents, social media, stream industry leaders. The session breaks down the latest summaries of where the money and action are for music creatives. Members of multi-platinum iconic groups Megadeth, Scorpions, Parliament, Bodycount and more are invited guests.

The After NAMM Jamm is the Friday night Industry Showcase following the session and will feature pop, urban, R&B, hop-hop, soul country, EDM and rock solo artists. These artists selected will also be promoted from the stage at the Industry Session prior. Lots of great exposure and opportunities to network. Artists interested in performing and getting promoted at these 2020 NAMM industry events, email Soundcloud and YouTube links to [email protected].