Take Part in NAMM's Fall Webinars

Join NAMM for any or all of The NAMM Foundation’s September webinars that seek to connect, motivate and support all music teachers and learners and music makers every month as a lead up to NAMM’s Believe in Music, taking place the week of January 18, 2021.

All webinars will feature presentations by national leaders as well as participant breakouts, where NAMM will address the needs and opportunities of this time. Register for September webinars below and spread the word.


September Programming

9/17: Online Learning: It Can Be More thank You Think
Panelists: Maria Palma, Executive Director, I.A. Office of Arts and Special Projects, New York City Department of Education; Elizabeth M. Guglielmo, Director of Music Office of Arts & Special Projects, New York City Department of Education; Ted Gee, Co-founder and President, Live Music Tutor; Melissa Gawlowski Pratt, PhD, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Network Relations, Young Audiences Arts for Learning; and Matthew LeFevre, Media Production Manager, Yale School of Music.

9/23: Back to School Health, Wellness, and Safety
Panelists: Ping Ho, UCLArts and Healing; and Mark J. Spede, Clemson Univ. Director of Bands.

9/25: Music and Social Justice: What Should We Be Doing?
Panelists: Habib Bako, Director of Community Building, Independent Sector; DeDe Heid, Executive Vice President, Heid Music; Crystal Morris, President/Owner, Gator Cases, Inc.; Kit Culpepper, Director Channel Strategy, C.F. Martin Guitars; and Lisa Steele-MacDonald, Director of Marketing, Yamaha Corporation of America.

9/29: Spark Joy by Learning the Ukulele Basics with Peter Luongo
Facilitator: Peter Luongo, President, Luongo Consulting/Luongo Ukulele Experience

9/30: Back to School Access and Equity in Online Learning
Panelists: Sara Womack, Fine and Performing Arts Coordinator, Atlanta Public Schools; Christopher Downing, Anaheim Elementary School District; and more to come.