Are You Qualified for a Recording Academy Membership?

No self-respecting Music Connection reader should be ignorant of the fact that the Recording Academy––the organization that presents the GRAMMY Awards each year––is continually on the lookout for new, qualified members. Each year, the Academy reaches out to these prospects with an invitation.

In fact, in July of 2020, the Academy extended membership invitations to more than 2,300 established music professionals across the industry spectrum, touching upon a wide range of genres and disciplines. In order to participate in the process for the upcoming GRAMMY Awards––to vote for their favorite artists and music-makers––new members have to accept their invitations by Sept. 15. So if you or someone you know has received a recent invitation, it is important to take action now, before the deadline passes. (The awards cycle opens Sept. 30. The Recording Academy encourages all of its members to be sure to vote.)

The Recording Academy, however, is about much more than the glitzy GRAMMY Awards. A Recording Academy membership has multiple benefits and focuses on service, advocacy and recognition of the art and craft of music. It is community-driven and peer-reviewed on an annual cycle. The organization’s 12 Chapters nationwide make it a point to engage its members year-round.

“Membership is the lifeblood of the Recording Academy,” says Kelley Purcell, Senior Director of Member Outreach for the Academy, “and building an active and representative membership base is fundamental to everything we do. Most importantly, our members have the power to create a better world through music, whether that’s through our advocacy efforts, giving back to our peers through MusiCares initiatives, or inspiring the next generation of music industry professionals through GRAMMY U and the GRAMMY Museum Foundation. Members have the opportunity to cultivate real, meaningful change, not just within the Academy––but the music industry at large. We are so excited about this year's class and hope that all the new invitees consider accepting their invitations.”

Once again, the deadline for the new invitees to accept membership––and vote in the GRAMMY Awards process––is Sept. 15.

If you are interested in becoming a member, but have not been formally notified or invited, you can visit here to see the requirements to be considered for the 2021 new member class (revealed in July, 2021).