On-Screen Artist Interview/Feature in Video Segment

White Knight Music Group (BMI) and Pulse Records USA are opening up the door for indie artists and their music to be featured in "Listen Up," a video segment airing in over 750 high-traffic, big city gyms and fitness locations across on over 6,000 HD screens. These segments feature top artists, new singles, featured music videos, interviews, festivals, pop culture, music, media and news.

Typically held aside for Billboard Charting artists, their labels, PR and marketing teams, Pulse Records has developed a direct relationship to allow up to two-three independent artists and acts to be featured each month. "Listen Up" producers are auditioning artists for 2016 features as a way to showcase up-and-coming, unsigned talent. This music discovery feature will run for two-three weeks as a one-minute segment showcasing band videos (music video/live play), three filmed questions (prepared ahead of time by producers), clips of interview audio and filmed interview (sent in by band), album/single artwork. The feature will open the door for artists to promote events, releases, shows and their message. Producers will gather all raw material from acts and create a custom 60-second commercial/feature set to air in all locations in U.S. and Canadian outlets, generating 25 million impressions, as monitored by Nielsen.

Acts must be clean, light-hearted, uplifting and mainstream appropriate to support branding messages for sponsors, retailers, gyms and gym music culture. Producers are looking for diversity, fresh faces from all walks of life and unique sounds. "Listen Up" seeks to stand out as a discovery platform for new music and emerging artists, not just mainstream big label acts.

Territory: USA and Canada
Medium: In store closed-circuit HD
Duration: 2-3 weeks consecutive rotation. Segments airs once every 90 minutes.

Nov. 5 – Nov. 20. First come, first serve.

Rock, Hard Rock/Active Rock, Pop, Indie, Alternative, EDM, Dance, Singer/Songwriter, Hip Hop, Latin, Jazz infusion, Punk, Country, R&B and all appropriate cross-genres.

• Tracks must be well-produced, professional and ready for inclusion in
• Tracks must be clean, positive energy and appropriate for the content
that it will be supporting
• Artists
• Artists must own all copyrights (Master/Publishing)
• No un-cleared samples or covers will be allowed.
• Must be non-union. (SAG/AFTRA & AFM)
• Must be able to provide artwork, clips, concert/music video footage and have the ability to film three questions on camera (filmed at home/on location with a professional look). Creatives at "Listen up" will edit all final segments and create final production at no additional charge.
• A SoundCloud link of your song (for producers to stream).
• WAV file and metadata (once selected for broadcast)

Songs submitted to pulserecordsusa.com will all be reviewed thoroughly by Pulse Records staff.

All tracks that match the submission criteria will then be passed along to final decision makers for consideration. If selected by the producers, Pulse Records will then provide further information to complete the process. There are no additional fees once an artist is selected, only the submission fee listed below. Pulse Records does not take cuts, fees or

NOTE: Even if you are not selected for this opportunity, you may be considered for other licensing opportunities.