Nomad Carlos' Me Against The Grain


Nomad Carlos

Me Against The Grain

Natural High Muzik

Producer: Various

Score: 7 out of 10

By Daniel Siwek


Born in Miami—but straight outta King- ston, Jamaica—Nomad Carlos isn’t trying to be the next Elephant Man or Bob Marley (though, he’s got a clip of the Nesta kicking off the proceedings). He’s not getting slack with bumbaclot’s nor is he talking about ganja as religion; but he’s keeping it real as a rapper steeped in roots and influenced by ‘90s Stateside hip-hop (particularly Nas and Mobb Deep). Nomad can come on strong like on “Track Killaz” (“coked- out and depressed, like Whitney” too soon?), or gangster on “Fuck You.” Sure, a cut like “Murder Music” covers the volatility of the Kingston streets, but “Make It Work” reveals a softer side, trying to repair a relationship to a Tuff Gong sound.