Western Automatic

New Music Critique: Western Automatic


A guitar-driven quintet from Chicago, Western Automatic have a familiar alt-rock sound, solidly executed, especially on group vocals, which make a confident, consistently powerful statement. “Keep It Coming” is a slice of swagger-rock complete with snarling guitar tones. Like the band’s other tunes, we wish the song’s chorus were a bit catchier. Solid musicianship carries the mellow vibe of “Shaker” and “Staring At The Sun” which provides room for a leisurely guitar solo, effective keyboard touches and a bridge that does not come soon enough. WA have a mainstream sound that is crying out for the right material––a killer single. So far, the band have fashioned some decent album cuts.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: westernautomatic.com
Seeking: Booking, Film/TV
Style: Alt-Indie Rock