"Kool" Bell Will Present Grants to NJ Kids Education Organizations

Robert “Kool” Bell, co-founder/leader of Grammy legends Kool & the Gang, will present grants to two organizations on behalf of the Kool Kids Foundation – the Bell family non-profit founded by the late Sakinah Bell (Mr. Bell’s wife) to help support music education for youth.

The event will take place on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023, 2 pm ET, at the offices of the Kool Kids Foundation – located at 50 Church St. Suite L6-L7, Montclair, NJ.

The Glenfield PTA (a non-profit supporting music education in the Montclair Public Schools) and the Malcolm X Shabazz High School Marching Band will each receive a grant from the Kool Kids Foundation. The honorariums being the result of proceeds raised during the Foundation’s Celebrity Golf Tournament Fundraiser, held last month on July 11th.

"The Kool Kids Foundation is Instrumentally helping children in music education to find their rhythm and melody in life so we can all live in harmony,” states Robert Kool Bell. “It’s what my wife Sakinah wanted – to support music education for kids in schools that may not have the budgetary means to even purchase instruments.”

The Foundation is currently headed by Mr. Bell along with his sons, Hakim (President) and Muhammad (Vice President).

Pictured above – Robert Kool Bell (right) and Sakinah Bell