Little Kids Rock

Non Profit Little Kids Rock Partners with Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music to Bring Hip Hop to Music Classrooms Across the U.S.

Little Kids Rock, the national nonprofit on a mission to transform lives by restoring, expanding and innovating music education in schools across the U.S., has joined forces with the Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music to bring attention to the need for the inclusion of culturally-reflective music education instruction in underserved public schools. On July 26, the organizations hosted an event at Jam Master Jay’s Scratch DJ Academy in NY where Little Kids Rock announced the investment of its first-ever national Hip Hop Content Specialist, Kenrick Wagner, who will be bringing Hip Hop music education curriculum, instruments and training to music classrooms across the country. According to a recent report from Nielsen Music, for the first time since they started measuring music consumption in the United States, Hip Hop has overtaken Rock as the most popular genre of music in America.  Little Kids Rock’s creation of a national Hip Hop Content Specialist ensures that the nonprofit continues to equip teachers with the most cutting-edge curricular resources and professional development tools they need to build music programs in public schools that teach kids the popular music that they emotionally connect with, focusing on the #1 genre of music that speaks to kids.

The Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music is a 501(c)(3) organization created by Jam Master Jay's widow, Terri Corley and some of Jay's closest friends. The foundation operates under the simple premise that regardless of socio-economic status, every child deserves equal access to the arts. The Foundation supports the idea that social Justice, Arts and Music (J.A.M.) education should be in every school, in every region of the country, giving children the opportunity to expand their world-view through artistic expression.

At the event, The Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music announced its continued funding and support of Little Kids Rock’s Modern Band Programs and their new Hip Hop Curriculum, free instruments and training for teachers across the country. Both organizations believe that every student deserves equal access to the arts, and that when a student is sufficiently provided with this essential part of education, he or she feels enriched and able to envision a greater future.

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