NMC Artist: Andre Gimaranz


Contact: [email protected]
Web: andregimaranz.com
Seeking: Agent, Label, Booking
Style: Indie, Blues, Jazz, Rock

Singer/guitarist Andre Gimaranz would surely benefit by enlisting an able singer to give voice to his material, which is pretty decent. As it is, though, his lead vocals on tunes such as “Fearless” are as pitch-challenged as they are impassioned. Gimaranz simply isn’t able to get a firm grip on the stars he’s reaching for. Nevertheless, “Hard To Believe” has a surging cadence and South American percussion accents that together prove compelling. Most promising is “This Gift,” a sweet romantic number that’s marred by a too-hot mix of the bass guitar. All in all, this artist is capable of solid, melodically appealing music enlivened by strong musicianship. Probably a good live act, we hope he makes adjustments to improve his recordings.

Andre Gimaranz - "Even"