New Toys: VocoPro Dynamic Dual Rave Light System

VocoPro has a new lighting system with two matching multi-effect rave lights for both sides of the stage. This system comes with two tripod stands for the lights and enables you to position the lights nearly six feet above the floor. The kit includes all the AC power cables plus an extra long DMX cable to synchronize these two powerful 30-watt rave lights.

They each have five built-in effects, UV lights, and also green and red lasers. I tried them 30-feet apart and they worked to create a club feeling immediately in my living room. Each rave light automatically cycles through water wave, moonflower, strobe light, and UV effects. In addition there is a laser that projects hypnotic graphics across the room.

Both lights have microphones that can pick up sound from your stereo or EDM rig. Only when music is playing, the lights will turn on and off based on a set volume level.

When connected via the DMX cable, the secondary unit will sync to the main unit and they track together except for the laser graphics that project through a free-running image wheel inside the unit.

I turned my Tones 4 $ Studios into a mini rave club by setting up the lights on my desktop behind and hidden by my large computer monitor. I aimed them at the left and right side walls. Spectacular! I used the included handheld remote control for enabling the Auto mode—a collection of fast changing lighting effects. You can control most operations from the remote.

I like to surprise my mixing clients during playbacks by switching them on unexpectedly during big and loud playbacks! The VocoPro Dynamic Dual Rave Light System is an excellent addition to my recording studio just for the vibe it sets up—even if the music is not always EDM.

It sells for $499 MSRP and it is great way to light up any room. I like the choices of colors and effects—the watery wave is dreamy!