New Toys: Presonus Studio One 5

The new PreSonus Studio One 5 for both Macs and Windows PCs has numerous live performance and scoring features all together in one DAW, making it possible to run complete shows from a single computer.

The Show Page plays backing tracks, does patch management for virtual and real instrument players with the Studio One Song channel strips, mixes, and virtual instrument patches all exportable to the show.

Set list items can be rearranged and skipped “on the fly” making running a show simple and reliable, whether you’re playing with backing tracks, controlling virtual instruments, running plug-ins as virtual effects, or all at the same time!

Composers and arrangers will appreciate Studio One 5’s dedicated Score View for the Note Editor available on its own or as a companion side-by-side view with the Piano and Drum views. With version 5, Native Effects has a new interface with the dynamics effects having sidechain inputs, and the Pro EQ plug- in adds a linear-phase low-cut filter, 12th-octave spectrum display, and input and output meters.

Studio One Artist now has built-in support for VST and AU plug-ins, ReWire, and PreSonus’ Studio One Remote control software for iPad and Android tablets. Formerly, these were only available for Studio One Artist as separate Add-ons and I’m only scratching the shiny new surface of this wonderful update!

Studio One 5 Artist is $99.95 and updates from version 4 for $49.95. Studio One 5 Professional is $399.95 and updates from Studio One 4 Pro for $149.95.