New Toys: AMS NEVE 8424 Console

British manufacturer AMS Neve has the Neve 8424 console–a small format console based on the iconic 80-series console range designed, sized, and priced for the home/project studio. The Neve 8424 is the best example I’ve seen yet that compliments the “in-the-box” workflow perfectly by efficiently linking analog outboard gear to your DAW.

The 8424 measures: 3.8 W X 2.78 D X 1.2 H-feet, making it the perfect size for a person to sit in front of and easily reach and control up to 48 channels fed to its analog summing bus. It has a dual-input channel strip architecture that enables easily switching between recording and mixing modes without necessitating any re-patching of input signals.

There are 24 line-level inputs, a pair of onboard Neve 1073 preamps, and dual Instrument DI channels. I liked the 8424’s center section with its dual-cue mix system, dual headphone amplifiers, talkback/return talkback, and multiple monitor speaker selection.

When in mix mode, you can have 24 DAW channels play across 24 100-mm channel faders and also use the 24 inline monitor pots for a total of 48 mono inputs to mix.

If you’re asked to produce stems of your stereo mix, there are four mono groups with 2-band shelving EQs, inserts, and direct outputs. Also included as standard kit, are stereo bus insert points, two-band shelving EQ, and Neve’s own stereo width module. Two onboard 500 series slots are ready to accept any 500 module(s) to be used as inserts.

The Neve 8424’s Recall system stores and recalls snap shots of all settings, faders, and control pot positions for each session and along with your DAW automation, resetting a cool mix you had last week will not take not much longer than booting up your computer.

The Neve 8424 console sells for $24,950 MSRP with many upgrade options.