New Toys: Sennheiser HD 25 Light Headphones

The Sennheiser HD 25 Lights are based on the HD 25 professional headphones that were popular with DJs and used for monitoring field recordings and film/video productions all over the world for 30-years. They are super lightweight and their indestructible construction makes them perfect for busy and active users. You get the sound of the originals but with a simpler headband system.

I liked the minimal headband design with the adjustable swivel earpiece drivers—perfect in my recording studio for singers and musicians who dislike regular circumaural headphones that completely cover their ears.

The HD 25 Lights are a supra-aural closed-back design that lay on top of your ears yet sufficiently clamp to your head to minimize bleed and provide a proper seal for good bass response while minimizing outside sound interference. Frequency response is rated from 16Hz to 22kHz with a max sound pressure of 120dB SPL. Their 70-ohm operating impedance is perfect for studio, DJ, or portable devices for producing and handling high sound pressures without distorting.

The HD 25 Lights are comfortable and stay attached to my head yet, easily pull down around my neck when not needed for a moment. I can hear other people talking and playing their instruments in the room when the headphone feed stops and I do not feel occluded from the world when using these on my subway train rides. They feature a split, 1.5 m long, detachable cable, screw-on jack adapter and retail at $99.95 MAP.