New Toys: JBL EON One Compact

The JBL EON One Compact is a self-powered portable loudspeaker with a four-channel mixer that accepts a Bluetooth® audio stream and will run up to 12 hours on an included battery. It has an 8-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter and will produce 112dB SPL within a frequency range of 37.5Hz to 20kHz. This is the perfect companion for itinerant presenters, fitness instructors and DJs.

Weighing 18 pounds (8kg), it measures 11.46L X 10.4 W X 15.71 H-inches and has a comfortable carrying handle. It operates either standing vertically or on its side—like a stage monitor wedge. There is also a standard pole-mounting socket and in any position the controls are easy to see and work. But the free App is the best way to fully control your JBL EON One Compact with all controls ‘mirrored’ on my device’s screen.

The App gives access to all four inputs’ four-band parametric equalizers in addition to both low and high frequency shelving equalizers. There is also phantom powering on/off for Channel 1 while Channel 3 has a dedicated 1/4-inch line input for playing backing tracks, and Channel 4 is switchable between a Bluetooth audio feed or an 1/8-inch TRS input jack for playing stereo audio from any phone. Channel 4 has the Duck feature that automatically lowers the volume of whatever audio program you have coming in when either input Channels 1 and/or 2 are active. A great use of the Duck feature is to lower the volume of background music when narrating a live Power Point presentation.

I found the App to work great for snapshot settings and storing effects with individual send controls to add reverb, delay and a chorus effect in any amount.

I think this is an excellent and worthwhile personal PA system. JBL has thought of every possible way it can be used and designed this entire system and put it into an easy-to-carry, diminutive package. The JBL EON ONE Compact sells for $549 MAP.