New Toys: IsoAcoustics New Stage 1 Board

The IsoAcoustics New Stage 1 Board is a portable isolation platform for guitar or bass combo amplifiers or any speaker cabinet. Like IsoAcoustics’ Iso-Pucks, the goal is to decouple or physically disconnect a vibrating speaker cabinet, guitar amp or monitor loudspeaker from the surface and/or structure they are resting on—the floor, stands or a wall shelf.

IsoAcoustics New Stage 1 Board is a one-piece, lightweight unit with four isolators integrated into its underside. It measures 10-inches deep by 25-wide long and will handle up to 100lbs.

I made good use of the new Stage 1 Board here on my hardwood floors in my recording studio—the entire building is on a raised foundation. I had a loud Fender guitar amp directly on the floor and its vibrating cabinet shook some of the flooring boards and also transmitted energy and vibrated other items around the studio.

I put down the Stage 1 on the studio floor and then placed the amp on top of it. Now there were no more rattling noises contributing to the sound. Stage 1 comes with two pieces of stick on grip-tape to create a better connection between the amp and the Stage 1 Board.

The New Stage 1 Board is lightweight and easy to setup/carry to the gig, and sells for $99.99 MSRP.