NEW TOYS: IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck 76

The Iso-Puck 76 is IsoAcoustics’ newest member of their growing family of easy-to-place vibrational isolators. It measures 3-inches wide by 1.5-inches tall without load. These are isolators for heavier monitor loudspeakers. They support up to 40-lbs or 18kg each so four of them will take care of the heaviest of monitors or guitar amps and that is how I use them in my studio.

I received four sets of Iso-Puck 76s—they come in packs of two and are designed to sit between a piece of audio equipment and its supporting surfaces such as the floor or a shelf. The idea is to decouple or mechanically isolate vibrating equipment or speakers from vibrating a floor or shelf.

This action works in both directions too. I have four of the smaller Iso-Pucks under my super–sensitive Technics SL-1500MK2 turntable to isolate it from my outboard equipment rack’s vibrations. Four Iso-Puck 76s came in super handy for my new 1,000-watt Kali Audio WS-12 subwoofer that weighs 76-lbs. My previous smaller sub rattled the floorboards in my studio at certain frequencies and this more powerful Kali is no different—actually worst in that respect.

Older stereo speakers will have improved clarity and better stereo image when supported by these IsoPucks. And now there are three sizes: Iso-Puck mini at 6-lbs, Iso-Puck at 20-lbs, and now the Iso-Puck 76.

The Iso-Puck 76s are $79.99 for packs of two.