New Toys: Radial Two New Re-amp Boxes


Radial has added two new re-amping units called: the Reamp Station (pictured) and the Reamp HP. At $99 MSRP, Reamp HP is basic: it accepts the signal from the headphone output jack on your audio interface, so you're able to connect easily without any big rewiring hassles. You could leave it connected all the time and be ready to go.

This is a totally passive and transformer-isolated system that eliminates ground loops, and there are both a 1/4-inch TRS and 3.5-mm input jacks and a variable output control to optimize signal levels. Lap top users would solo the track they want to re-amp and record the headphone jack through the Reamp HP connected to their guitar amp and onto another mono track in their DAW.

The Reamp Station at $479 is based on the original JCR re-amp design; it is both an active DI and re-amp system all in one unit and includes a unity-gain Class-A buffer switch and circuit on the Thru output. This circuit prevents loading down passive guitar pickups to preserve the natural tone of the instrument.

Like the Reamp HP, inputs include a 1/4-inch TRS and 3.5mm mini-plug for connecting mobile devices and tablets. A 48V LED indicator lights up if the unit is receiving phantom power and there is a re-amp level control, attenuator pad, a switchable high pass/low pass filter and a mute switch. 

Are you new to the world of re-amping of already recorded tracks? Check Radial Engineering's website and learn all the sonic possibilities for guitars, keyboards, drums and even vocals when re-amped!