Industry Profile: TurboFlex Eyewear at 65th GRAMMY Awards®

Picture this, you’re onstage during a performance, sweating profusely and darting back and forth, as one does, while bobbing your head to the music. If you’re an eyeglass wearer, like this writer, your spectacles may start to slip as you’re constantly making adjustments, fitting them properly back on your head. You could use some assistance for your eyeglass stems to rest comfortably in place, without being relegated to a tight elastic sports strap attachment. Well, enter a revolutionary world-wide technology from the folks at Aspex Eyewear called TurboFlex. 

TurboFlex is a patented 360 degree hinge system, sold in more than 80 countries, that is changing the way people experience and wear glasses. Invented by Montreal businessman and inventor Nonu Ifergan, TurboFlex was born out of a desire to combine functionality and style. Since 1965, Ifergan’s Aspex Eyewear has been on the cutting edge of eyewear advancement and development. The path to TurboFlex technology is the result of a series of eyewear industry innovations. In 1995, while funding research in Europe to come up with a nickel and titanium-free alloy, Aspex launched its patented EasyClip collection. Thanks to a simple magnetic clip, polarized dark lenses instantly turned optical into sunglasses. The following year, Aspex patented Trilaston, a nickel-free, hypoallergenic copper-based alloy rich in aluminum, and used it to make EasyTwist. The company refers to this product line as “The world’s most flexible, twistable eye frame.” In 2007, TurboFlex came on the scene with the mission to create the world’s most durable pair of glasses. Their proprietary, patented technology allows the eyeglass hinges to be flexible in all directions.

TurboFlex was designed with everyone in mind. Available in styles for men, women and children, the shockproof 360 hinge technology rotates in every direction. This allows the frames’ temples to adapt to every sneeze, shift, shake, yawn, tug and itch without pressure or frequent adjustments. TurboFlex Eyewear is comfortable, durable, resilient and comes in a wide variety of colors and frames. “Our worldwide patented TurboFlex technology allows glasses to do what’s never been possible—to flex in multiple ways without breaking,” explains Aspex president and founder Nonu Ifergan. “Movement matters and we move with you.” 

TurboFlex frames are made from many types of premium plastic and metal. Some frames combine materials, such as frames with plastic surrounding the lenses and temple pieces made from titanium. But there are different combinations of materials that are suited for different people, clientele and situations. In addition, the Aspex portfolio of brands utilizes the TurboFlex 360 hinge in a myriad of eyeglass styles and designs. 

So, think about it, if you’re a regular eyeglass wearer, a dependable and durable pair of glasses is invaluable. They really are an extension of you and an intimate part of your identity in a lot of ways. You physically tug at them, carelessly toss them aside, wear them on your brow, set them down anywhere.  Nonu Ifergan and daughters Yael and Karen are at the helm of Aspex Eyewear with these considerations in mind. It is their collective engineering, innovation and care, as a brand, that make their product line something unique and special.

And let’s talk about the significance of partnering with the 65th GRAMMY Awards® and the GRAMMY Gift Lounge, and what they bring to the table in terms of artistic support and clientele. Artists and musicians push the boundaries when it comes to style. They are usually introduced to innovation first, because they’re travelers, they’re out there and in the public eye. When you think about music and how it moves you—TurboFlex’s tag line of moving with your body makes a lot of sense. The product line literally exemplifies strength meeting style. And, with a number of styles and designs at reasonable price points, one doesn’t have to compromise strength, durability and comfort for that style.

There is a growing number of music artists—enlightened and faithful clientele—that have come on board and selected a TurboFlex style. The Backstreet Boys, Foreigner, Jon Batiste, Lifehouse, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Lenny Kravitz, Bonnie Raitt, Travis Barker and social media stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are among some of the brand’s more prominent customers and influencers.

Aspex Eyewear Group is one of the world’s largest distributors of quality eyewear and sunwear, serving markets in North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe. Since its inception in 1965, Aspex Eyewear has established itself as one of the industry’s leaders in both eyewear design and development with brands like Oak, Takumi, Paradox and more. Aspex Eyewear’s success and all its product lines and advancements are, again, due to the tireless optimism, forethought, vision and unbridled efforts of Nonu Ifergan and family. For over 56 years Ifergan has led Aspex to the forefront of the eyewear industry utilizing his talent for invention and business acumen. His perseverance and refusal to compromise has allowed Aspex and his family of brands to flourish and evolve. 

 Ifergan continues to push TurboFlex and the other eyewear technologies in interesting and groundbreaking directions. The Aspex team is constantly in search of new materials, designs and development that will offer their clients and customers so much more. The future looks very bright, indeed, for Aspex, TurboFlex Eyewear and beyond.

See aspexeyewear.com/en/turboflex