New Music Critique: Circle the Earth

Circle The Earth
Contact: [email protected]

Web: circletheearth.band

Seeking: Label, Mgmt, Film/TV, Booking
Style: Rock, Pop

This female-fronted, hard rocking outfit knows its mission: to get to the chorus and drive it the hell home. Each song is conceived and arranged to grab the ear and never let go. For example, “Too Many Pieces” comes out blasting with urgent, immediate energy, with a big chorus, big sound, the production/mix capturing the excitement perfectly. A deep lurching synth bass and rolling groove propels “New Religion” and a defiant megaphoned vocal “Don’t tell me what I want to believe in!” The band’s vision coalesces powerfully with “Sweetest Pain,” which opens with pretty vocals and synth pad before picking up the pace to deliver a great hook, a fluid, concise guitar solo, and a huge sound.