New Toys: Omnicharge Power Banks

I received two new Omnicharge Power Banks for review. They are the Omni 20+ ($199 MSRP) and the Omni Ultimate ($399 MSRP) with a removable battery pack. Both models are portable rechargeable battery packs that will power any USB 2, 3 or C device as well as provide a 5-Volt DC output. Besides DC battery power, both have DC-to-AC inverters to supply 120-volt (US) AC power to run most small household appliances such as lights, TVs, radios, even small powered monitor speakers.

Both models have OLED screens that indicate: a state of energy remaining, internal battery temperature, and DC output voltage. Since all outputs are available at the same time with the onscreen controller, you may select which output sockets to activate.

I found both models to charge from the supplied 19-volt DC power supply in around an hour—even when fully discharged. They are also rechargeable from any DC power source including solar or your car’s cigarette lighter socket.

The Omni 20+ is a 20,000mAH power bank and weighs 1.35 lbs., measures 5 X 4.8-inches, and is about an inch thick; it's perfect for your backpack for camping. The Omni 20+ includes a 10-watt wireless charging induction coil on its top that will charge your phone. When fully charged, it ran my 32-inch TV for a total of 65 minutes.

The larger Omni Ultimate is a 38,400mAH power bank that weighs 3lbs. and has twice the power cells of the Omni 20+. It ran the same TV for over two hours. I liked the 20 to 12-volts DC voltage output available that is adjustable on the front panel for the exacting power demands of electronic devices used on film/TV/live recording location work.

The problem of running out of battery power for your phone, laptop, tablet, video camera, drone, portable audio mixer, is now easily solved with either of these new Omnicharge™ Power Banks. Highly recommended!