New Music Critique: Maxwell Planes   


Contact: [email protected]

Web: Instagram @maxwellplanes

Seeking: Label, Management
Style: R&B/Soul, Hip-Hop

Chicago singer-guitarist Maxwell Planes has an inviting sound, full of easy rhythms, catchy hooks and a voice that reminds us of the late Mac Miller. “Runnin” shows off all his strengths, with a catchy tune conveyed with a lo-fi guitar and an overall flow that’s enhanced by effective vocal doubling. Planes’ soulful guitar is definitely a cornerstone of his music, as “Tuesday Night” again demonstrates. It’s a trap-inflected song with a feature by rapper Ric Wilson that provides just the right touch. Planes duets with Kiela Adina on the chorus of “Remember Me,” whose jazz piano chords, lively handclaps, horns, vinyl scratches and violin all promise a climax that, unfortunately, never arrives. Make it happen!