New Music Critique: J.Ramada   


Contact: [email protected]

Web: jramada.com

Seeking: Label, Film/TV
Style: Singer-songwriter, Americana-EDM

J.Ramada seasons his songs with subtle, effective bits of flamenco, latin, Americana and EDM, along with a voice that lends a breathy intimacy. Castanets and a muted trumpet solo enhance the 12/8 time of “Imaginary Thunder.” His use of mandolin on “Last in Line” sounds so good, as do the handclaps that inject it with an infectious, optimistic spirit. Ramada’s voice brings an urgency to “King of Hearts.” Though the song’s “playing cards” theme wears a bit thin, the song’s poignant piano and flute, its artful use of an electro drone as well as an 808 drum machine, kept our interest all the way. Our main suggestion is for this artist to let his voice become even more of a force in his recordings.