New Toys: The Softube/Weiss Complete Collection

The Softube/Weiss Complete Collection has seven plugins: Weiss EQ1, Weiss EQ MP, DS1-MK3 Mastering Dynamic, Weiss MM-1 Mastering Maximizer, Weiss Compressor/Limiter, Weiss De-ess, and the Weiss Gambit Series for the Console 1 controller. All were developed in close collaboration and authorized by Weiss Engineering and Daniel Weiss.

The EQ1 is an exact code copy of the 7-band Weiss Digital Equalizer hardware unit. It has a linear phase algorithm that is ideal for mastering and very delicate mixing EQ work that necessitates a surgical EQ and great sound quality. It also has Dyn Mode—actually the regular minimum phase shift mode that adds compressor controls for dynamic control of specific frequency bands.

I tested the EQ1 on a master mix I had just finished, but was disappointed with someone else's mastering job. But first, I went back to my original mix to “fix” the original lead vocal.

I started with Dyn Mode to compress two peaky resonances that were accentuated by the mastering engineer's extra processing. I automated the EQ1’s bypass button in four places in the song—the real-time spectrum analyzer worked great for “zeroing in” on the exact frequencies.

With that problem fixed, I moved on to using the Linear Phase mode to apply a wonderful overall EQ to the entire mix file. I could now apply freely whatever EQs I had in mind without worry of increasing those nasty vocal resonances. EQ1 is now my regular equalizer! I like the nice big knobs on the Weiss front panel GUI (LP mode) and the large display on the spectrum display. These are awesome tools to have at the ready!

The Weiss EQ1 Mastering EQ sells separately for $549 as download and works on PC and MACs. The Weiss Complete Collection sells for $999 MSRP.