New Toys: Mojave Audio MA-D Dynamic Microphone

Mojave Audio's first moving coil dynamic microphones is called the MA-D. It is a handheld
model measuring 7.25 inches long with a cardioid polar pattern and good off-axis rejection.
The MA-D's 8-ounce weight and balance feels good in my hand and it has a built-in pneumatic
shock mount to reduce handling noise. It comes with an internal windscreen to minimize p-pop
plosives and comes with a mic clip and zippered carrying/storage pouch.

The MA-D is excellent for live sound, broadcasters, voice-over work, and as an all-around utility mic in the
recording studio. It is an excellent alternate choice over other well-known dynamics mics in its general price range.
The MA-D has a full-range frequency response with a 30Hz to 15kHz specification and a max SPL of greater than 160dB.

My first use was for an electric guitar amp—a typical application for any dynamic microphone for sure!
My results were excellent for a chunky rhythm guitar part and I liked that the MA-D mellowed out the sharp
and edgy tone of this amp/guitar combination and kept the bottom end tight sounding.

For a voiceover, the Mojave MA-D had a forward sound with more low frequency warmth and high frequency
"air" compared to a similar-priced dynamic mic I also had for review. I preferred the MA-D's sound to a more
expensive active dynamic mic that required phantom power. They sounded very close to each other with the
active mic requiring a little less mic gain. For all testing I used a 2UBES VTX WIFI Tube Pre-Amp.

The Mojave MA-D offers a smoother overall sound close to a condenser mic with a fat and warm tone.
Another great tool from Mojave Audio, the MA-D sells for $159 MAP.