New Toys: Dear Reality EXOVERB Reverb Plug-in

EXOVERB is a new reverb plug-in from Dear Reality, part of the Sennheiser Group. EXOVERB focuses on our spatial distance perception or how we perceive sound in three-dimensional space(s). EXOVERB offers very exact control over the sound of the early reflections in relation to the longer reverberant field that builds up later in time. Early reflections convey the nature and character of the space—why one small room might sound drastically different from another small room of a similar size.

My first use in a Pro Tools mix was for a large (real) drum kit that I wanted to have each drum kit piece placed in its own ambience; be it a plate or room as if each drum was recorded in a different room!

The snare drum track and each of the four tom tracks got separate instances of EXOVERB on their own tracks. For an overall reverb, I used another instance of EXOVERB set up more conventionally as a send/return effect. With this arrangement I could have mostly short early reflections on the snare drum and then slightly different ERs on the toms.

I liked EXOVERB's triangle shaped GUI with its single point for parameter adjustment. You may use your mouse to grab and move the point either vertically or horizontally to mix from Dry to Wet on the vertical axis and then Early (reflections) Level and Late (Reverb) amount on the horizontal axis.

To get you started, there are 50 presets divided into four different categories: Ambiences, Rooms, Halls and Plates. With so many reverb plug-in choices out there, EXOVERB is different and I like it a lot.              

For AAX/VST3/AU, it sells for $99 MSRP and there is a free 14-day trial.