New Toys: Kazrog True 252 Plug-in Graphic EQ

Kazrog's True 252 plug-in graphic equalizer models the Langevin EQ 252A Graphic Equalizer. That inductor-based unit was probably the first professional graphic equalizer and was made by Cinema Engineering and later by Langevin and/or Altec. The original units used proportional Q—the greater the boost/cut, the Q narrows. For the most accurate emulation of the hardware, this plug-in uses 2X oversampling yet is low on CPU usage.

The frequency centers of the seven EQ bands are: 50, 130, 320, 800, 2k, 5k, and 12.5kHz. Each frequency band has 8dB of boost/cut available but know that the True 252 is intentionally designed to include the quirky variations of the original units—especially the slightly different amounts of proportionate Qs for each band and how the bands interact with each other. 

I tried True 252 on my Pro Tools master mix bus fader after the stereo compressor. There are several good presets from both the Kazrog and Powers collections and I chose a preset called: Powers Think Mix Magic. You can mouse/click over any of the seven red band knobs to see the exact amount of boost or cut, but I thought the equalized mix sounded better immediately. 

I also tried the True 252 on a stereo pad track—I always have trouble with stereo pads "flooding out" the depth and transparency of the entire mix. I can say using the True 252 graphic EQ and delaying the right channel a few MS made the pad stereophonically wider and more hearable at less volume without clouding up the room ambience of the drum kit.

So I'm happy with the True 252 Graphic—it works and sounds like the real deal, with easy to adjust big knobs, proportional Q that works well musically. It comes with a good set of presets! The Kazrog True 252 Plug-in Graphic EQ sells for $39.99 MSRP