New Recording Studio in Mountains of New Mexico

New Mexico has always been revered as one of the premiere spots in the United States to view southwestern art and to hear great live music. Richard Cagle of Montrose Records thought so and built a class A recording studio in the mountains of Southern New Mexico. Kathy Lyon, the veteran vocalist reigning out Pensacola Florida, sought out her good friend guitar stylist Rich Chorné who had retired to the same area from New Jersey. Combined with the attraction of the mountains, Cagle's new Montrose recording studio, along with dozens of West Texas and Southern New Mexico resident session players Ruidoso attracts established recording artists from around the U.S. Kathy's return from Florida was prompted by business manager Mike Carrasco with the encouragement of their longtime friend Rich Chorné. Chorné had arranged for two events that would feature Kathy's vocal presence: Alto Lakes Country Club and the annual "Chile The Kid Beer & Wine Festival". The regional show dates, Kathy's return, along with the inclusion of the seasoned band members caught the attention of Tradd Treadwell show host of "Let's Talk Music" on KRUI radio 1490AM.  "Let's Talk Music" maintains a strong regional following and soon the word was out. Kathy shares, "We love to travel in our RV and going to the mountains of Southern New Mexico is an easy choice by itself then you add a superb band, two show dates plus I could go back into the studio to touch up a couple of songs well the trip was an easy decision. The icing on the cake was the reaction from the audiences at both gigs. Enthusiastic would be a good word for sure." Home - kathylyonmusic.com