Road to Nashville: Global Mental Health Initiative, Songwriting Contest

Presented via The Unity of Faiths Foundation (TUFF), Visit Music City & the Liverpool City Council U.K, The Road to Nashville - Liverpool International Song Contest is a unique songwriting program that amplifies the awareness of mental health practices while providing access to complimentary mental health services. How this initiative works is when writers submitted their content for review, they were be presented with a prompt asking if they're interested in meeting with a mental health professional. What's great about this, is that if they opted-in, they were being set up with pro-bono sessions with a practitioner that matches their needs.

Website: https://roadtonashville.us/

Program Numbers to Date:

·         20,305 – Songs submitted

·         18,805  - Artists participating

·         2,820 – Artists that have opted in for free mental health services

BBC TV Segment: https://fb.watch/cWD4kb4TjQ/