Music Agent Launches Non-Profit to Aid Musicians' Mental Health

United Talent Agency Music Agent, Daniel McCartney has officially launched the non-profit organization, The Continuance Foundation (TCF), in partnership with mental health counseling + coaching firm, "Face-It."

The mission of the foundation, which officially launched earlier this year, is to arm and provide the full-time touring and studio musician community with the necessary tools, education, funds, direction, and guidance to properly prioritize and invest into their mental health.

With tasking tour schedules, music release schedules, promo schedules and the never-ending upside-down hours put in by musicians, investing into mental health often falls by the wayside and can result in worsening stability, substance abuse, and suicide. Studies say that at least 73% of musicians struggle with mental illness, and more than 50% of those admitted turning to substance abuse to medicate. Specifically within the 18-25 age range, the percentage of musicians struggling with mental illness climbs to a staggering 80%.

Musicians can apply to TCF on the foundation's website. After they are accepted, they will be provided with a free, minimum of six-month mental health coaching program in partnership with "Face-It", a Los Angeles-based firm founded by renowned therapist Dr. Eris Huemer. The program will offer mental health coaching and counseling, community and support, suggested reading materials, and general guidance for a mentally healthier self.

Additionally, artists will be plugged into the "TCF Social Initiative," which is designed to create self-care activities for full-time musicians and build a community of individuals committed to supporting musicians' mental health. The TCF Social Initiative will offer musicians the ability to participate in scheduled social meet-ups on tour or while in the studio to help them disconnect from their daily routine. In accordance with social distancing guidelines put forth by local and state jurisdictions, activities will include movies, sporting events, workout training sessions, coordinated service animal therapy, a book club, and more, as well as virtual mindful meditation and yoga.

Donations can be made on TCF's website through multiple avenues and a GoFundMe page has been set up as well. For more information, please visit https://www.thecontinuancefoundation.com/.