DIY Spotlight: WNT-AL-N

WNT-AL-N, (pronounced Went All-In) certainly isn’t putting himself in a box when it comes to genre, nor will he let his influences be pigeon-holed into any one style or culture. WNT-AL-N states plainly, “As long as its jamming and people dig it, they can call me whatever.”

Having moved over 30 times in his young life and calling Hong Kong, Atlanta, Denver, Tokyo and Singapore home at different points, this multi-talent creative sponged up all the cultures he encountered and brilliantly merged all their elements into his mix.

With these experiences, along with collaboration from one of Dr. Dre’s producers, The Art Teacher, WNT-AL-N delivers a sonic fusion of funk, Caribbean, pop, hip-hop and various ethnic sounds with his lively music.

Moreover, this artist goes all-in when it comes to shaping the extravagant fashion surrounding his image, so much so that he often makes his own clothes, sewing the pieces himself after collecting materials during travels to exotic countries. He uses his fashion as an extension of his eclectic image and stresses the importance of “just being you.”

WNT-AL-N’s latest single, “Way Out,” solidifies his message of embracing diversity and not putting yourself in a box. The single has already been featured in various outlets including EARMILK, AuPium and Music Is My Radar.

Catch up with WNT-AL-N at facebook.com/WNTALN