New Toys: JBL Professional PRX ONE Portable PA System

The JBL Professional PRX ONE is a complete self-contained portable PA System with Pro Connect Control App to provide remote control over Bluetooth for up to 10 PRX ONE systems at the same time. It has an acoustically optimized vertical column array of twelve 2.5-inch tweeters coupled with a 12-inch woofer in a bass-reflex cabinet that doubles as the solid-base for the column. The base also houses a 2,000 watt (peak) Class-D power amp, a 7-channel digital mixer with professional DSP effects, and extensive audio connection facilities. Bluetooth 5.0 and JBL's Pro Connect universal app control for your phone, computer or tablet make the PRX ONE ideal for DJs, musicians, entertainment venues, corporate presenters, and houses of worship.

This all-in-one system comes up sounding great with little fooling around and setup; JBL’s technology geometrically optimizes the spread of sound in defined 130-degree width by a 30-degree height shape for consistent coverage in your space. Also built-in is the wonderful dbx DriveRack technologies AFS Pro Automatic Feedback Suppression.

Pretty simple to connect microphones, instruments, mobile devices and wireless rigs to the mixer that has phantom microphone powering, Hi-Z inputs and pro-grade Neutrik connectors. The mixer has full control of input faders with bass, mid, treble and effects sends controls.

You get a Lexicon effects engine with delay, reverb chorus, echo and sub synth, with a good collection of presets. There is an 8-band master EQ, system limiter, plus gates and compressors on each channel. All of these functions are controllable using a full-color LCD screen right on the mixer and also on a Bluetooth app running on your phone out front with the audience. 

Including a nylon-carrying bag for array column, the portable and complete JBL PRX ONE PA System weighs 56 pounds and sells for $1,599 MSRP.