Tall As Trees

Unsigned Artist: Tall As Trees


Discover the Sounds of Tall As Trees

By turns dreamy, contemplative and seductive, Tall As Trees forge a non-mainstream alt-rock sound that’s dedicated to mood and tone at the expense of sharp, radio-friendly hooks. Frontman Matt Clark’s appealing voice has an understated sex appeal that’s a good fit for this material. “Story” has jazzy overtones, a decent hook and allows the band to show themselves to be a tight, agile unit. The air of paranoia and fear in “1984” is ably conveyed by cool guitar distortion and accented by a guitar solo that soars. The smoldering “Heaviest Gaze” explores a “love at first sight” theme and the power of sexual attraction. Cut from the same cloth, each of these songs combine to form a mood piece, the kind of music that’s a good fit for atmospheric film/TV sequences.

Contact: Tall As Trees [email protected]
Web: wearetallastrees.com
Seeking: Label, Booking, Sync
Style: Indie, Alt-Rock

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