New Toys: Donner Music ARENA2000

The Arena2000 is a sampling guitar pedal aimed at instant creativity and developing your own unique musical sound because of its powerful DSP and careful design. It uses impulse responses of up to 23.2ms long in their FVACM or Forward Analog Virtual Circuit Modeling technology. I enjoyed using any of the 80 amp models and the 50 cabinet simulations—a lot!

This is a floor unit with an expression pedal; it also has 50 memory slots for loading third-party IRs and there are 278 effects onboard and a wide range of classic guitar tones from modern "on the radio" sounds to high- energy blazing flourishes to majestic and soaring melodies.

I liked the customizable CTRL control mode, built-in EXP1 expression pedal, and using an external EXP2 expression pedal allows musicians to switch their tone library in seconds with just a tap of their foot. Compact control panels and simple navigation rules help get you around Arena fast and efficiently to build beautiful sounds easily.

The built-in Looper plays clips up to 60 seconds long and there are 40 different drum rhythms available. You can self-produce and play demos or perform live as a "one-man" band with the Arena2000 playing the entire backing track. A headphone output allows for music creation in all volume settings. Use a connected USB-C cable to connect to your mobile phone too. The possibilities are pretty incredible if you get into this new Donner system.

The Donner Arena2000 is available now and sells for $269 MSRP