New Toys: D’Addario XS Coated Guitar Strings

D’Addario introduces XS Coated Guitar strings. This innovation offers players maximum life, good strength and stability but without sacrificing that D’Addario tone they have grown to love. The XS have a thin film coating (1/10 the thickness of a human hair) that completely protects the wound strings from corrosion but without dampening the tone. To protect the plain steel strings, this new film covering is combined with D’Addario’s proprietary dispersion coating used in the XT line.

The X-Series comes in two versions: XT for enhanced life and a natural feel or get the XS for maximum life and a smoother feel. These new XS strings are also perfect for the studio. They are super smooth while reducing finger noise, but without sacrificing tone, and have    perfect tension, making vibrato and expressive string bending on acoustic guitar much easier.

The XS Coated Strings will be available in Phosphor Bronze string sets for acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar and mandolin in the most popular gauges. XS strings will range in price from $17.99 MAP for an acoustic 6-string and mandolin to $24.99 MAP for a 12-string acoustic guitar.