New Toys: CEntrance Cerene dB Transparent Reference Headphones

CEntrance has their premier pair of headphones, the Cerene dB Transparent Reference. I know CEntrance from using their MicPort Pro-2, MixerFace R4 interfaces and their PM1 PivotMics. The Cerene dB headphones are comfortable and have a closed-back, circumaural design that covers your ears to achieve maximal acoustic isolation from outside noise. I like these smart-looking headphones that fit perfectly on my head; they feel roomy but don’t seem overly large, plus the synthetic leather ear pads and padded headband are plush. Weighing only 364 grams, I could wear these all day long in comfort!

They have large dynamic, neodymium drivers with a deep bass sound and I liked them for listening loud when recording and mixing. They can handle a total of 1.8-watts of power and fold up easily by way of the two-way, 180-degree rotating cups and fit into the included stylish carrying bag.

The Cerene dB headphones come with a short 1.5-meter straight cord with a 1/8-TRS mini-plug (1/4-inch adapter available separately) and are ready for just about any portable listening device or desktop computer. Designed for podcasters, recording and touring artists and broadcasters, the Cerene dB Transparent Reference headphones sell for $179.99 MSRP.