New Toys: CEntrance PivotMic PM1

The PivotMic PM1 are a matched pair of X/Y stereo condenser microphones that turns your CEntrance MixerFace R4 into a handheld professional audio field recorder. The all-metal PivotMics are perfectly matched to the R4’s acclaimed Jasmine™ preamp’s input. Their all-metal bodies have standard XLR connectors and are phantom powered, and plug right into the top of the MixerFace R4 or any other recording device.

Using Japanese precision technology, these 10-mm diameter capsules have integrated “pop” protection grills that reduce plosives while capturing full sound. Atop the R4, I found the PivotMic PM1 worked perfectly to record a locked stereo image of live shows from out in the audience and then, later on, to record a quiet interview.

By flipping the mics around, they point their cardioid patterns in opposite directions for interviewer and interviewee—each facing a separate mic. I would just place the R4 in the center of a table and sit on one side with my podcast guest sitting on the opposite side.

A pair of PivotMic PM1 mics and a MixerFace 4 creates a mobile recording system for podcasters, journalists, voiceover artists, songwriters and touring musicians. This is a great system for YouTube, Facebook or Instagram livestreaming.

A matched pair of PivotMic PM1s sells for $179 MSRP.