New Toys: Silo SoundLabs Trident Audio Plug-ins

Silo SoundLabs has their first audio plug-ins in their Vintage Series based on hardware equalizers. These are the Trident 80B Series console EQ (pictured) and the 1U CB9066 parametric EQ. Both use SiloDNA, a patent-pending modeling technology that offers extremely low CPU overhead and low latency.

The 500 Trident 80B Equalizer module’s four bands are exactly copied as is the three-band CB9066 parametric that also has high and low-pass filters. In a Pro Tools mix, I had great success using these two plugins on individual electric guitar and bass guitar tracks. The challenge with stacks of electric guitars is to sound cohesive and big with clarity yet with some individuality.

I used the CB9066 on two 12-string Rickenbackers where I did clean up in the bottom and top frequencies using the high pass and low pass filters at max Slope. Once I targeted what frequencies, I then would back the Slope way down and then ‘carve’ out some mid-range “honk” using the three-band section.

I found the 80B EQs perfect for a chorused fuzz bass by cleaning up and tailoring it to fit the track better. In the past, I’ve used the Trident A-Range, 80B and TSM consoles and these plugins have the same wide range of possible sounds—from aggressive to subtle—that I remember about the EQs in those boards. Quite a lot of classic sound with both the Trident 80B and CB9066 equalizers and they use very minimal CPU and have very low latency!

The SoundLabs Trident 80B sells for $89 while the CB9066 EQ is $149.