New Toys: Baby Audio Comeback Kid Delay Plug-In

Baby Audio’s Comeback Kid is a mono delay line but adds many effects not usually seen on delay plug-ins. You may combine any of these other processors with your delay setting to get otherworldly effects across a stereo field. To get you started there are over 60 presets put together by working engineers and producers. 

Comeback Kid has an oversize GUI with large Time and Feedback control knobs and automatically syncs to your session tempo with four preset sub-division choices: Straight, Dotted, Triplet, and Free (running). 

The Comeback Kid works best as an insert on a stereo track because of the other onboard effects useful to build the whole sound, vibe, and tonality.

I liked using it on an ordinary sustaining pad track in a dance mix with a ¼-note delay and no Feedback but with Ping-Pong on. I liked using the Shaper section to completely “round off” the front of the sound and lengthen and blur the sustain portion. The Stereo section in Comeback has a real-time pitch changer and I used it to further disguise the pad.

I saved that setup as a preset and reused it on a melody backing vocal track in the same song but changed the delay time to 1/16th notes with no feedback and went for the Flavor section used Swirl—an analog phaser and Sauce—a cheesy-sounding reverb. 

The Comeback Kid sells for $49 MSRP download and runs on Mac & PC, VST, VST3, AU and AAX, DAWS. This is an awesome one-stop plug-in you’ll use all the time!